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What to Look for in a Wedding Chapel

by www.greatofficiants.com May 4, 2023

  1. Ask for a tour: If the venue will not allow you to take a tour there is probably a reason. It may be a dumpy place or a garage at someone's home.

  2. Look at the Pictures on their website: If they just show the same angle picture after picture, then the place may be really small or the reverse angle is not so attractive.

  3. Are the photos on the website stock photos of just the bride and groom? Usually there is a reason for this, perhaps because there are no new pictures to post.

  4. What does the Officiant look like: Does their website show off the Officiant? Is it just that person or is there a whole team? Do they show video clips of the Officiants performing ceremonies?

  5. Do they accept checks? Be leery if they don't accept checks or credit cards. The reason they may not is that so many of their customers have been dissatisfied and placed stop payments on their checks and cards.

  6. What type of seating do they offer for the guests? Some places say they accommodate a certain number of guests; however, this may just be standing room only. Ask how many chairs are available and what type they are.

  7. What type of decorations are there in the chapel? This is important as some places put a sheet on the wall and call it a chapel.

  8. What are the surrounding areas like? Some chapels are located in challenging and unsafe areas or surrounded by businesses that are not so spectacular.

  9. Do they return e-mails and phone calls promptly? One of the most important things is service. Promptly returned calls and e-mails are crucial to planning your event.

  10. How are their reviews, and have they received any Wedding Industry Awards? Really look at the reviews they have. Some place their own reviews on the web. Some hire outside marketing companies to place them.

  11.  Do they have a blog or other social medium? Some places tell the same story post after post, and exhibit the same pictures of couples repeatedly.

  12. What is their pricing like? If they are the lowest priced in the area, it may be because they cannot provide a quality product, location and / or service with their budget, or they may be unscrupulous.

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