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Law Office Of David Lee Moore

Law Office Of David Lee Moore


Law Office Of David Lee Moore

9 Year Supporter of GLPages.com
Offices in Ventura & Los Angeles Counties
LGBT Family Law & Personal Injury Law

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For over twenty-four years, my staff I have proudly served the LGBT community with community oriented representation legal services. I am David Lee Moore, and for the last thirty years, I have zealously represented literally hundreds and hundreds of people from preparation to filing and through the settlement and/or litigation of all aspects of their divorce and child custody matters. The law is always in a state of flux, and the courts that implement the laws that govern divorce, child custody, and support have made sweeping changes in the manner that they handle cases. However, even with change, in many instances the traditional approach to litigation is not flexible enough to serve the best interests or the financial abilities of all of my clients, and/or their children. Thus, a cooperative divorce and/or a negotiated settlement is almost always more emotionally, and financially satisfying, when that is possible. However, often, the tactics, and behaviors of the other person and/or their attorney compel people into the expensive and disheartening process of litigation. Improperly handled litigation almost inevitably prevents rather than aids both parties to effectively move on with their lives. It is disheartening to meet with people that feel that they spent their hard earned money on their case, but they were not properly heard, or treated by the legal process, and now they are coming to me to try to make things go right. The prevalence of this sort of client is deeply troubling, and it speaks to the need for a different approach. Over time, I've developed a unique and customized approach to the process in order to give the best and most cost effective service to my clients, in every aspect of their divorce, custody, parentage, divisions of assets, and child and spousal support. As a very experienced and competent lawyer, I actively advocate my client's positions. I care about every client and their case, and I counsel, prepare, and put forward their cases in a

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